A neat new installation

Published by Gavin Gilchrist · 29 May at 13:19 ·

Here’s one of our neatest installations yet, at James and Maureen’s place in Summer Hill.

We’ve addressed one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of more solar PV in the Inner West: the challenge of installing cutting-edge modern energy technology on heritage housing.

This challenge is one of the reasons solar PV has had such a poor uptake in our community, and it’s one we’re working to address, house by house.

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Here you see two meter boxes. The one on the right is the original one containing the electricity meter and circuit breakers.

The one on the left is a new one, adopted by our solar installer Roland Lawrence Electrical, containing the new inverter. He cut a hole in the top and bottom of the metal case to ensure adequate ventilation. Inverters like to stay cool.

As the new box sits on the wall by the front door, it was important to James and Maureen that it sat unobtrusively next to the existing meter box.

I think that’s been achieved exceptionally well.


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