Our latest solar PV installation

By Gavin Gilchrist June 19th 2018

Here’s our latest solar PV installation, at Suzy Carter and Mark Lucas’ house in Edith St, Leichhardt. Now, this one was a real challenge, and perhaps that’s why this was the third time Suzy and Mark had tried to get solar installed. On two previous occasions, the installer had abandoned them.

Suzy and Mark are both active members of our community. Suzy runs Hero Frock Hire and Mark is the former chairman of Petersham Bowling Club, and the instigator of its live music program.

blake under PANELS 2
Blake Newport of Roland Lawrence Electrical

The house has a complicated roof-line, with dormer windows and a large section of roof sloping south, the wrong way for solar. Our preferred installer, Roland Lawrence Electrical, addressed that problem by cranking up the tilt frame structure to the max, which is why his crew member Blake Newport can be seen here working away comfortably right underneath the panels.

It’s a 3.6kw system using Trina panels and SMA inverter, plus two Tijo optimisers to better manage a bit of shading. And it’s another one added to the Inner West Community Energy fleet through Solar Analytics.

We’re really proud of this one. We’ve got solar on to a really complicated Inner West roof that stumped two previous installers.

So we reckon if we can do this one, we can do anything you can throw at us!

Mark says: “After two failed attempts at installing solar panels since 2013, we were very pleased to work with Gavin at Inner West Community Energy & Roland at Roland Lawrence Electrical. In reviewing our energy needs and the challenges, on site communication was excellent, we were kept well informed at all stages and the system was up & running very quickly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to anyone else considering installing solar in the inner west.”

With the system next door, this is Leichhardt’s new solar PV corner.

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