Another solar installation!

Meet the Wiseman family of Rozelle! Another milestone has been reached in the history of Inner West Community Energy, albeit a minor one.

The family guinea pigs, Nutmeg and Freddy, are the first guinea pigs we’ve heard of in our community to have the joy of living in a solar-powered house.

They’re living under the latest system completed by one of our preferred installers, Roland Lawrence Electrical, a 5.7kw system with Trina panels and SMA inverter, with Solar Analytics keeping an eye on everything.

Perhaps the lesson from this installation is that going solar needs to fit in with a family’s other plans. Laurent Wiseman attended our February solar information night at The Three Weeds hotel, but the system has only just gone in.

The reason for the delay? The solar project needed to wait for the major house renovations to be complete. When they were, up went the panels.

Sometimes we can get systems installed in a month, other times a fair bit of planning is needed.

Fortunately, Nutmeg and Freddy are patient pets.

Pictured, left to right: baby Adilenne, Felix, Andrea, Luca and Laurent, with Nutmeg and Freddy, outside their new PV system in Rozelle.

– Gavin Gilchrist181105 Wiseman, Laurent family

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