Gayle Adams with Roland Lawrence Electrical at her Dulwich Hill home
Pictured; L-R: Malik Orabi, Dave Ferguson, Gayle Adams, Roland Lawrence and Mick Wrigley

Hey there! Meet the team pressing ahead today with a landmark solar PV and battery installation for Inner West Community Energy, dodging showers, strong winds and something of a dust storm to keep driving the energy transition to renewables in our community.

And all this was happening while Labor leader Bill Shorten was in the city to announce a very promising $100 million, four-year program to drive neighbourhood renewables through community energy hubs and solar gardens should the ALP become the government, as well as a $200 million grants program to accelerate the uptake of household battery storage.

Today’s job, in Dulwich Hill, was indeed a “landmark solar PV and battery installation” for us because it’s the first time in our one-year old community energy group’s experience that a household has traded in an old, small PV system for a much bigger one, plus battery.

It’s about to become a second-generation PV household, excuse the pun!

This is the home of Gayle Adams, seen here in the centre of the picture. She’s sending her nine-year-old 1 kilowatt PV system for recycling (that is, unless we can find a viable home for it within the next few months) and replacing it with a 13-panel, 4.03kw system with a 7 kilowatt-hour LG Chem battery, plus Solar Analytics to keep an eye on consumption, generation and storage.

Gayle has a written three-year energy plan for her house, which includes going off gas so she can go 100% renewables.

Next week, we’ll post the story of the detailed process Gayle went through to order her system with one of our preferred installers, Roland Lawrence Electrical, facilitated by Inner West Community Energy.

More details on the ALP policy announcement at www.reneweconomy.com.au.


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