The transition to a clean energy future starts at home.

Sydney’s inner west may currently have a low uptake of household solar, but we’re a community group doing our best to triple that over the next few years. Here’s another big PV system we’ve just facilitated, for John and Claire in Summer Hill.

It’s a 6.4 kilowatt system with 21 Q Cell panels, Solar Edge inverter with backup capability – if the grid goes down, they don’t – and a 10 kilowatt-hour LG Chem battery… although the battery won’t be installed till next month because of a shortage of stock.

Battery installations are beginning to take off here at Inner West Community Energy. This was the second we’ve done; the first was in Annandale last month and another finished late last week in Dulwich Hill. The fourth will be in two weeks time.

Can’t wait to be able to trade energy between ourselves!

And of course we have Solar Analytics keeping an eye on things so if anything fails or there’s a problem – and we’ve had a spectacular network voltage problem in Ashfield lately which we’ll report on very soon – we’ll be the first to know about it.

You won’t get that kind of after-sales service with many other installers.

Go Solar in 2019!

Our preferred installers are now booked out till Christmas… but the sun will be shining in the New Year too, so if you know of someone who wants to go solar in the Inner West, message us via the website.

Gavin Gilchrist  0407 663 125

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