Congratulations to school students protesting for action on climate change!

Inner West Community Energy is with you 100%!

Kids rally pic

We also want to see the governments running our community at a national, state and local level do a whole lot more to cut greenhouse emissions. No government that works for us here in the Inner West is doing anything like enough. So maintainyour rage. We share it.

Our second message is about what you can do to help us drive the transition to 100% renewables in our community. This is a practical step that will create demonstrable action to promote clean energy in our neighbourhood.

Ask your parents or carers whether you’ve got solar panels on the roof of your house or apartment building. If not, ask why not.

If they say: “That’s because we rent” then, for now, leave it. Putting solar on rented houses is tricky because landlords usually aren’t very supportive.

If they say, “We’d love solar but right now, we just can’t afford it”, then fine. Can’t argue with that.

But if they say: “We’d love solar but we just haven’t got around to it, and don’t really know where to start” then Inner West Community Energy is here to help. Many of our new solar members could find the money to invest in rooftop solar (it’s a great money saver, after all) but didn’t know where to start to get a good system on the roof at a fair price.

So if the only reason there’s no solar above your head is that nobody got around to it, here’s the plan. Get your most recent power bill, scan it (we need every page) and email it to me, the group’s project manager, and I’ll let you know if solar could work at your place.

Our preferred solar installers are booked out till mid January, but how cool would it be if you could start school next year from a solar-powered house!

Gavin Gilchrist

0407 663 125

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