New system in Marrickville

Sandra Kingston
A new solar system for the Kingston family in Marrickville

Sandra Kingston of Marrickville is a life insurance assistant technical manager who lives here in Marrickville with sons Zeke, 16 and Elijah, 14.

On her roof she’s now got a 6.2kw system comprising 20 QCells 310 watt panels, driving a 5kw Fronius inverter, with Solar Analytics keeping an eye on performance..

She came to Inner West Community Energy in early October, looking for some guidance on getting a good system installed by a reputable solar installer. She’d done a lot of research using Choice and she’d run through their checklist, but the companies she asked to quote didn’t want to visit her house before quoting, and she just didn’t have a level of comfort from dealing with them over the phone.

Through Inner West Community Energy, she completed the Customer Data Form we use as our first step, on October 22. She accepted the quote from one of our preferred installers, Brightside Solar and Electrical, on November 5, and had the system installed on December 10 and 11.

So from the time she contacted us to installation was just over two months, which is pretty typical for our group.

Her primary reason for going solar was simply that “solar makes sense”. “I want to harness the energy from the sun,” Sandra says. “It seems such a waste not to.”

There are now more than two million households in Australia with solar on the roof, according to a report last week from the Clean Energy Council. On average there are now six solar panels a minute going on to the roofs of Australia.

“Queensland continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar, with four of the nation’s top five solar postcodes hailing from the Sunshine State,” the Council said.

“Bundaberg in central Queensland topped the list for the highest number of households with solar power, followed by Mandurah in Western Australia, then three other Queensland locations: Hervey Bay, Caloundra and Toowoomba.”

Sydney’s Inner West has one of the lowest rates of solar PV use in Australia. Under 10 per cent of households around here have solar, compared to many parts of Australia now with over 30%.

At Inner West Community Energy, we’re doing what we can to help lift that figure.

If you want to go solar but don’t know where to start, contact us. Or if you can’t afford solar, or you rent, but you want to help our group, also, contact us.

Gavin Gilchrist, Project Manager: 0407 663 125

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