Two more installations & Solar Information Night

Here are a couple of very cool aerial shots of one of our latest residential solar PV systems at Margery’s house in Beattie St, Balmain.

It’s a 3.72 kilowatt system with 12 QCells panels, a Solar Edge inverter and Solar Analytics keeping tabs on everything. Margery had wanted to go solar for some time, but she came to us because she needed a little independent advice on what sort of system she needed, how to organise metering, and who was a trustworthy installer.

Asked why she wanted to go solar, she told us: “To save the planet. And also it helps my electricity bills. I’ve had feedback from people who’ve got solar that it’s saved them a lot and they’re very happy with the outcome.”

And at Colin and Josie’s house in Annandale, here’s the latest increase in community solar power we’ve organised for the Inner West.

It comprises ten 360 watt Canadian Solar panels and SMA inverter with Solar Analytics keeping an eye on things, as we prefer here at Inner West Community Energy. (The system was quoted as ten 340 watt panels but they weren’t available so Colin and Josie were offered 360w panels instead, for no extra cost.)

This brings the total solar capacity installed in this Inner West Community Energy sales round, Round 4, to just over 28.3 kilowatts, worth just under $50,000 That’s $50,000 worth of local investment in cutting carbon emissions, lowering household bills, and promoting small business.

Here’s the system almost complete on Colin and Josie’s roof, with our preferred installers Roland and Blake up there finishing the job.

Asked why he’d decided to go solar, Colin told us: “Basically, to reduce CO2 emissions, and it’s a good investment. Because if I go to any conservative investment, they return less at the moment.”

Inner West Community Energy’s Round 5 starts next Monday night with our Solar Information Night at the Royal Hotel, Leichhardt.

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