Solar information night goes off!

Our latest residential solar promotion kicked off with a bang on Monday night with a packed meeting room at the Royal Hotel in Leichhardt.

Hands up for solar!

This was Inner West Community Energy’s fourth Solar Information Night, and without doubt it was our most successful, with around two dozen households taking the first step towards going solar by inviting one of our preferred solar installers to make a site visit to their homes to come up with a design and a quote.

Our keynote speaker was Nicky Ison, one of Australia’s leading commentators on renewables, energy efficiency and community energy and an Inner Westie herself. (You can read her most recent piece in The Guardian here.)

Nicky Ison with IWCE chairperson Kathy Bluff

Nicky told us there were four reasons Australia no longer needed to make a choice between dirty electricity from coal and clean energy from renewables.

First, the economics of renewables now stack up. The cheapest form of new generation is now wind or solar, backed up by batteries or pumped hydro. The CSIRO and the Australian Energy Market Operators both say so.

Second, our coal-fired power stations are ageing. They need to be replaced anyway.

Third, Australia has amongst the best renewables resources in the world “It’s not called the sunburnt country for nothing,” she told us. Our competitive advantage is now in clean energy.

Fourth, Australians love renewables. We have the highest per capita household installations in the world. The US, she said, has one million solar homes; Australia has two million.

At Inner West Community Energy we’re working harder than ever to build the number of solar homes in your community. We need to increase the number of houses with solar by around three times to reach the percentage of homes with solar in much of country NSW.

If you know of anyone who wants to go solar, message us via Messenger, text me, or go to our website to send us a message. We’ve had a lot of those the past few weeks!

Thanks again to Nicky Ison and the Royal Hotel staff for making Monday such an enjoyable and productive event.

Gavin Gilchrist Project Manager 0407 663 125

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