Going Solar at Dulwich Hill

Jenny Pidcock and Peter Wilkins outside their Denison St house.

It’s taken us a while to pin these two down for a photo but here they are. Jenny Pidcock and Peter Wilkins of Denison St, Dulwich Hill, came to our second Solar Information Night in February last year, held at one of our favourite solar-powered pubs, The Three Weeds in Rozelle.

They can’t recall how they heard about the night and nor can we, but they liked the idea of going solar through a community energy group and they went ahead with a system that was well-sized for their modest needs, a 1.98 kilowatt system with Canadian Solar panels and Fronius inverter.

Thanks for your support, Peter and Jenny.

We have another Solar Information Night coming up on Tuesday, March 26 at the Gasoline Pony in Marrickville. It’ll be our biggest ever as it’s almost booked out.

See our events page here. https://www.facebook.com/events/993458004184471/

  • Gavin Gilchrist 0407 663 125

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