IWCE joins the Climate Strike along with our latest home solar client.

IWCE Chair Kathy Bluff and Member Franny Cowap in Hyde Park for the climate strike

Members of Inner West Community Energy joined thousands of students and others at the huge Climate Change Rally in Sydney on Friday.

One of the faces amongst the many thousands was Marjan, owner of the first solar PV system to be installed from our latest round of solar sales.

Marjan’s goddaughter Nicki, took part with her class-mates from Hornsby. Nicki is third from the right in the top row.

Marjan, of Day St, Leichhardt, now has 12 solar panels on her roof, with a maximum capacity of 3.72 kilowatts, being fed into her house through a Solar Edge inverter with power optimisers to boost output due to a bit of shading from nearby trees and buildings – a common issue here in the Inner West.

Marjan had been thinking about going solar for quite some time but had always hesitated. She came to our Solar Information Night at the Royal Hotel in Leichhardt on February 11 and was convinced she had all the information and support needed to just do it.

In five weeks we got it done.

“I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but I’ve always thought it’s too small a house,” Marjan told us. “I’m very careful with my electricity so I thought I don’t use enough to make it worth my while until I went to the meeting at the Royal and I realised that it is worth my while.

“I have seven grandchildren and I’m doing it for them more than for myself. But it’s nice to earn a bit of money. I said to them all: ‘I’ve bought you a present! I’ve bought you all a solar panel and it’s going to be on my roof!’.

“I feel very strongly about this. It’s for the future of this planet.”

Marjan really appreciated the help Inner West Community Energy offered.

“It was fantastic. Really helpful. Because it is a little bit complicated when you start with very little knowledge. And so that meeting really kept me going. It made me go. It made me move. It made me realise that there are people there to help you in particular with finding good people to do the panels – because I’ve heard about people who scam you. That’s what stopped me doing it, too.

“It’s been a really positive experience and I’m really glad I went with it.”

Gavin Gilchrist : 0407 663 125

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