More Annandale solar

Meet Max the dog, Suzanne and Tony, happy Annandale owners of the latest solar PV and battery system that Inner West Community Energy has facilitated. They now have a 5.4 kilowatt solar system on their house in Nelson St.

Max the dog with Suzanne and Tony

A 10 kilowatt battery will be going in within a few weeks.

“We’d wanted to do it for years,” Tony says, “but suddenly it was both affordable and sensible, with batteries. We did it for environmental reasons – but, it was affordable. The capital cost was affordable.”

Suzanne says getting help through Inner West Community Energy gave her confidence about the cost of the system and whether the prices offered were sensible, and it saved her doing all the research that would have been necessary for such a significant investment.

Tony says being part of the community energy group was “super”.

“It navigated us through the unknown terrain of getting solar,” he says.

The back of their house gets really hot in summer so they’re now looking forward to running their air conditioning as often as they like without feeling any worries about the cost or environmental impact of drawing power from the grid.

If you’d like help going solar, our next Solar Information Night is tomorrow week, Tuesday, May 7, at Gasoline Pony in Marrickville, starting at 7pm. See our Events page to register.

Gavin Gilchrist

Project Officer

0407 663 125

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