Stop Adani Protest Canberra

Stop Adani crowd Parliament House Canberra

As representatives of a pro-renewables community energy group, some of us were in Canberra yesterday to join 5000 or so others outside Parliament House to protest against the Adani coal mine in Queensland and in favour of stronger action on climate change.

Stop Adani Family

Seriously, this mine has to be stopped, and if not by political parties (both the coalition and Labor support it) then it’ll have to be stopped by we, the people. It would be the biggest coal mine in Australia, and it’s next to the (once) Great Barrier Reef. It makes no sense.

This good-humoured rally was the end of Bob Brown’s anti-Adani convoy, which started in Hobart a few weeks back and headed all the way north to the mine site in Queensland and then back to Canberra for what proved to be the biggest political rally of this federal election campaign.

Bob’s message could not have been clearer.

Make this election the climate change election.

“On May 18, less now than two weeks, from now,” Bob told the crowd, “Australians as they walk up the path to the voting booth have this choice: Will you vote for Adani and more coal mines and oil wells in the Great Australian Bight, and gas fracking – $1.5bn supercharged gas fracking [as promised by the ALP]-  or will you vote for life on this planet for our fellow species and for the children, the young people who, with us today, have said: ‘Secure our future.’?

“We can do it. We’ve got renewables, we’ve got love for nature, we have a planet to pass on, and Australia instead of being at the back of the class can be the leader in that – if the people are listened to.”

So, going from the very big picture to the very local, at IWCE we’re doing our bit to make change at a local level. If you’re interesting in installing solar at your house, or just want to understand more about what solar PV and batteries can offer you and your neighbourhood, or want to help us to work towards a community owned power project get in touch with us!

  • Gavin Gilchrist
  • Project Officer
  • 0407 663 125

0407 663 125

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