100% Renewables is Doable!

Repower workshop group

“100% renewables is 100% doable!” That’s the message five of us from Inner West Community Energy took home loud and clear yesterday after spending the day at UTS learning how to be a Repowering Australia public speaker.

So if you can pull together at least a dozen or so people at work, or a bunch of friends, or people from your football club, services club, choir, mother’s group, whatever, who want to hear a 20 minute talk on how Australia can shift to 100% renewables, Inner West Community Energy can provide the speaker.

Inner West Community Energy chairperson Kathy Bluff, management committee members Susie Coates and Ben Slee, supporter Penny Biggins and I have now been trained on the Repowering Australia campaign.

We can deliver a 20 minute talk, with slides, covering why the shift to renewables is inevitable, how it’s completely realistic, who’s working to stop it, and what we can all do to make it happen.

The best way to think about this is to recall how, a few years back, former US vice president Al Gore went around the world training people how to present his An Inconvenient Truth slideshow. The Repowering Australia campaign is the same idea: train community members on how to give a standard presentation then send them out into the community to do it.

(As it happens, Al Gore will be back in Australia later this week, in Brisbane, doing a fresh round of climate leadership training.)

Yesterday’s training was led by ever-ebullient Nicky Ison, co-founder of the Community Power Agency, and supported by Liz Noble. It was a fantastic day! Try as we might, the group could not find a question NIcky couldn’t answer!

After a federal election result that was such a setback for those supporting action on climate and a just transition to 100% renewables, we all found it heartening to meet a bunch of positive, enthusiastic people wanting to be trained. They came from Brisbane, Maitland, Newcastle and Sydney hungry to learn how to give the talk and spread the 100% renewables word: Famia, Nick, Alicia, Jaz, Jan, Thelma, Belinda, Ella, Natasha and John. As well as the five of us from the Inner West, of course.

If you want us to present the Repowering Australia talk, contact us via the website.

More on the Repower Australia campaign at www.repoweraustralia.org.au

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