Reduce Your Power Bill with Renewable Energy

It’s almost the start of a new financial year, so it’s that time when we get an unpleasant surprise from energy companies because this is the time they often put up their prices.

And so it is with our good friends AGL. I’ve just got a friendly letter from them advising me the price is going up. I suspect other gas companies will be doing the same.

In my case, a typical residential gas user in the Inner West, my gas price for the first block of gas consumed is going up 7.9%. For the next block, it’s going up by a lesser amount, 2.2%.

(This means people who are frugal in their gas use, such as pensioners living alone, will pay the highest increase. Is that fair?)

And the daily supply charge is going up 3.1%.

Inner West solar households should be doing everything they can to use the power they generate on their roofs from the sun, to cut carbon emissions and save money.

Here’s one idea to cut gas use.

Most Inner West homes have gas cook tops with either gas ovens or electric ovens.

Switching from a gas cook top to a new super-efficient induction cook top would save money and the carbon emissions from burning gas, which is a fossil fuel.

But induction cooktops are not cheap. They seem to retail from around $700 and can run into thousands, even without the installation cost.

Here’s one answer. In January I bought this “Tillreda” portable induction plate from Ikea for $49. It’s fantastic. My gas use has dropped markedly compared with the same time last year.

The unit is compact and lightweight, incredibly fast to heat up, and the temperature control is very fine. You’d be surprised how many meals you can cook with just one hotplate.

With a portable induction cook top, you can take one more step towards being a 100% renewable energy home.

Gavin Gilchrist, Project Manager,

0407 663 125

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