Exciting new solar power installation in Newcastle.

Solar Rainbow

We left the Inner West last Friday (it does happen!) for a visit to Newcastle… and we’re pleased to report that while Newcastle may still be the world’s biggest coal export port, we came upon, by chance, a bunch of people there working towards the transition to clean energy.

We ran into solar installer Rod Clark from Solar Power Australia, part of the team installing 50 kilowatts of solar PV on a car park canopy at what’s known as the No. 2 Sportsground in inner-city Newcastle, a project of Newcastle City Council. 

Note that 50kw is a big solar PV system – about 10 times the size of systems we’re now typically facilitating on the roofs of Inner West houses. 

Rod from Solar Power Australia

As you can see, this is not just a solar PV canopy. That’s Rod standing next to one of three electric vehicles chargers that are part of the system. And there’s battery storage too. 

When you investigate where this innovation and equipment is coming from, and who’s installing it, you can understand why the transition to clean energy offers so many local, skilled jobs. 

The PV and batteries are being installed by Rod’s firm, Solar Power Australia, based in Cardiff in suburban Newcastle. 

The charge points were installed by Novocastrian Electrical. 

The steel canopies were designed and built by Power Park Systems, who are based in Tuggerah on the Central Coast, and the charge points were designed and manufactured by Tritium from Murarrie, in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs, a company that grew out of solar car racing at the University of Queensland.. 

Congratulations to Newcastle City Council for this landmark project. 

We hope it won’t be too long before we see a few of these across the Inner West. 

  • Gavin Gilchrist

PS Don’t forget, if you’re interested in having solar PV installed on your house, our next Solar Information Night is next Monday, July 15, at 7pm at the Rose of Australia hotel in Erskineville. Bookings via our FaceBook Events page.  https://www.facebook.com/events/624054271442493/

Gavin Gilchrist

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