Check your solar potential with SunSPoT

If you are considering installing solar at your place, try out SunSPoT. The APVI Solar Potential Tool (SunSPoT) is an online tool for estimating the potential for electricity generation from PV on building roofs in Australian cities. This great tool will help you calculate how much electricity and money a solar PV system could save your home or business.

The tool is based on detailed modelling which takes account of solar radiation, tilt, orientation and shading from nearby buildings and vegetation at your home or business. Inner West Council worked with Australian PV Institute (AVPI) (UNSW) to map the Inner West area so that you can select your own rooftop and receive personalised information.

SunSPoT uses 3D building and vegetation models and Typical Meteorological Year weather data to calculate average annual and monthly incident solar radiation on a building surface and the expected performance of a typical PV system of the size specified by the user, with PV panel orientation and tilt defaulting to that of the roof surface, or defined by the user.



Identify the specific roof area for investigationSlide3

After using the data layers to visualise your building’s solar potential, you can draw a shape over an area of interest on a roof surface, and then simulate the annual PV output that would be expected over that area.


  • Slide4Review the results for your identified area.

    The panel will display the results for a flush mounted PV system but you can switch to a rack-mounted PV system at an alternative tilt and orientation.



    So visit SunSPoT to see how much energy your roof could make.